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What happens after a contact is added on Snhyper

Snhyper  works a bit differently than most other messaging platforms due to its multi-channel capabilities. This is evident in the way you exchange snhypes with your contacts after they have been added. 

To understand this in detail, you can either watch the video below:-

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Let us assume your name is John Cena and your snhyper-id is 'jcena'

You have just invited your friend Kate to your Snhyper  contacts by supplying her name (Kate) and her email id (e.g. which she uses to communicate with you.

Following things happen :-

  • Kate is added to your Snhyper contacts immediately (even though she has not yet signed up or accepted your invitation on Snhyper )
  • Kate receives an invitation email from us (at on your behalf. The email also explains how she can send you a snhype by simply dropping an email at ''  (your email alias)

Few points to note:

  • As already mentioned, Kate does NOT need to have an account with Snhyper OR accept your invitation for that matter in order to send you a snhype. She can simply drop an email from her supplied email address ( to your email alias ('' in this case) and the email will be delivered as a snhype to you.
  • HOWEVER, in order for you to send a snhype to Kate, you'll have to wait until she joins Snhyper or accepts your invitation. Until then, any snhypes sent by you to her will be delivered only as plain emails. (understandably, since we don't know Kate's mobile# or snhyper-id yet)
  • Hence, contacts who have not yet signed up on Snhyper or accepted your invitation are distinctively marked as 'email-only' contacts and signified by an email ( ) icon in front of their name in the contacts list (e.g. see below).
  • If Kate uses another of her email id ( say ) and sends an email at, the snhype will simply fail, because only the email address you supplied when adding Kate to your contacts ( in this case) is authorized to send you a snhype.
  • Similarly, If a person who is not yet added as a contact by you on Snhyper  tries to send an email at, the snhype will again fail (for the same reason as stated above)

In a nutshell, you can receive snhypes only via authorized email addresses you supplied when adding someone as a Snhyper  contact. This is in order to safeguard you from being distracted by unnecessary/spurious text messages and phone calls.

Last but not the least, as soon as any of your 'email-only' contacts signs up on Snhyper , they will immediately be added as your regular Snhyper  contacts and you'll also be able to send them snhypes as usual.

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