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What happens after a contact signs up or accepts your invitation

Now, let us say Kate signs up and accepts your invitation. 

Following things happen:-

  • Kate is immediately added to your contacts and begins to show up in your Snhyper  contacts.
  • You and Kate can now exchange snhypes (Kate by sending an email at from, and you by sending an email at (assuming 'kate' is Kate's snhyper-id), from (assuming is the email id you supplied during sign-up ))
  • If Kate uses another of his email id (say and sends an email at, the snhype will simply fail, because only the email address you supplied when adding Kate to your contacts ( in this case) is authorized to send you a snhype.
  • Similarly, If a person who is not yet added as a contact by you on Snhyper  tries to send an email at, the snhype will again fail (for the same reason as stated above)

In a nutshell, you can receive snhypes only via authorized email addresses you supplied when adding someone as a Snhyper  contact. This is in order to safeguard you from being distracted by unnecessary/spurious text messages and phone calls.

  • Apart from this, two of you can now also exchange snhypes directly by logging into and using the messaging box (See below)