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How do I get charged for sending/receiving snhypes?

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General pricing is as below:
- Web alerts are totally free.
- Email alerts are free unless you are using the Upwork plugin and have turned on keywords filter in which case each email job alert costs 1 snhype credit.
- Cover Letter Generation is charged 3 credits/first cover letter generated for each individual job. Subsequent cover letters (for the same job), costs 1 credit.
- 1 credit per fifth Tracking email sent (for the same Cover Letter) starting from the first email e.g.. 1st, 6th and 11th Tracking Email received via same Cover letter is charged 1 credit (and so on and so forth).
- SMS and Voice alerts are charged @ 2 snhype credits per alert.
- You are charged only for receiving a snhype alert. Sending a snhype alert is totally free.
- You can turn off SMS and voice alerts anytime and simply continue receiving email and web alerts (only for Upwork Alerts).

'Snhype Credit' costs 5 INR to 14.0 INR (based on volume/pack purchased) if you are an Indian customer and 12 cents to 20 cents (based on volume/pack purchased) if you are a non-Indian customer. (*all prices indicated are excluding taxes)

In other words, one SMS/text or voice alert costs you 10 Indian Rupee to 28 Indian Rupee  (based on volume/pack purchased) if you are an Indian customer and 24 cents to 40 cents if you are non-Indian customer. (*all prices indicated are excluding taxes).

Also, please note that, when you sign up, we automatically credit your account with 60 free snhype credits. Apart from this 20 free credits are also added to your account every following month (both come with an expiration period of 30 days). This gives you a maximum of 30 voice OR sms alerts for the first month, and 10 voice (or sms) alerts every following month, absolutely free (to go along with unlimited free email and web alerts) (Please note again that emails may be charged 1 credit/email if you are using the upwork plugin and have set up keywords filter.)

This comes in handy if you have also subscribed to our Upwork Jobs Alerts service/plugin.

If your requirements are not met within these limitations, you may consider purchasing more snhype credits, using the payment method available through our website. Simply sign into your Snhyper account, hover your mouse cursor over the Credits button on the top-right and click 'Buy Credits' to make a purchase (See below)

Happy Snhyping!