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How do I get charged for alerts?

Please note: Due to current, on-going restrictions on SMS delivery imposed by some countries e.g. USA and India, we have temporarily suspended SMS alerts. No credits will be deducted for failed deliveries. Please bear with us while we resolve this.

PRICING: There are no monthly or yearly subscriptions. We operate on a "pay as you go" (PAYG) model.
You need to purchase Snhype Credits in order to receive alerts.

However, we also offer a limited number of free credits as depicted in the table below.


Credits Type Allotment Validity
60 Free Once (on sign-up) 5 Days
5 Free Everyday 1 Day
Custom (see the ''Credits Pack Size" table below) Paid On Purchase 14 Days

Note: We will start displaying Ads as soon as EITHER your credit balance becomes <= 10 OR when your credits are about to expire.


Credits Pack Size Buyer's Country Cost Validity
10 Credits India 100 INR 14 Days
100 Credits India 500 INR 14 Days
200 Credits India 800 INR 14 Days
500 Credits India 1000 INR 14 Days
1000 Credits India 1600 INR 14 Days
10 Credits Except India 2.36 USD 14 Days
50 Credits Except India 5.90 USD 14 Days
100 Credits Except India 9.44 USD 14 Days
500 Credits Except India 14.16 USD 14 Days
1000 Credits Except India 23.60 USD 14 Days

In order to purchase snhype credits, simply sign into your Snhyper account, hover your mouse cursor over the Credits button on the top-right and click 'Buy Credits' to make a purchase.


Alert Type Credits Consumed
Email 1
SMS* 2
Voice** 2

*SMS and Voice alerts can be turned off anytime from the web application's context menu.
**Voice alerts are currently only available to “Agency” type users.

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Apr 6, 2021

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