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What is a 'snhype credit'

In Snhyper , receiving a snhype (i.e. a web, email, sms or voice alert)  CAN deduct certain number of points/credits from your account which are chargeable (using one of the payment methods provided on our website).

These points are called 'snhype credits' and number of credits charged depend upon the communication medium a snhype is delivered using.
You are charged :-

- zero credits per snhype (in case a snhype is delivered via web/email, unless you are using the Upwork plugin and have turned on keywords filter in which case each job alert delivered via email may cost you 1 credit

2 credits per snhype (in case a snhype is delivered via voice) and,

- 2 credits per snhype (in case a snhype is delivered via SMS/text) ,

 (So practically, we only charge you when you receive an SMS or a voice call alert or an email alert via keywords filter if using the Upwork plugin/service.)

A 'snhype credit' costs 5 INR to 14 INR (based on volume/pack purchased) if you are an Indian customer and 12 cents to 20 cents (based on volume/pack purchased) if you are a non-indian customer. (*all prices indicated are excluding taxes)

In other words, one SMS/text or voice alert costs you 10.0 Indian Rupee to 28.0 Indian Rupee  (based on volume/pack purchased) if you are an Indian customer and 24 cents to 40 cents  if you are non-Indian customer. (*all prices indicated are excluding taxes).

Web alerts are entirely free for all customers.

You can purchase these credits using the payment method available through our website.
Simply log into, hover your mouse cursor over the Credits button on the top-right and click 'Buy Credits' to make a purchase (See below)

[NOTE]: When your run out of snhype credits, unfortunately any snhypes sent to you via sms and voice will fail. Hence we recommend keeping your snhype credits balance positive.

Please also note that Snhype credits expire after a period of 30 days from purchase

Apart from this, we keep topping up your account with few bonus snhypes from our own kitty every 30 days, totally free of charge! so you never run out of snhype credits when you most need them.

Happy Snhyping!