Snhyper - Messaging platform for speedy and time critical communication

Exploring Snhype Info

One of the more attractive features of  Snhyper  is 'Snhype Info'

For every snhype that is sent or received by the Snhyper  system, an audit trail of the snhype is captured while it moves from one communication channel to another trying to locate the recipient in real time. To view the trail of any snhype, click any snhype (in (see below)

Next, select the option 'Snhype Info'

You should be able to see the trail that the snhype traversed, in order to reach the recipient, along with time-stamp and communication channel tried (see below)

ALSO, Snhype Info is not only captured for snhypes sent by you, but also for snhypes received/read by you. For viewing the trail of a snhype that you received, follow the same process (click a snhype RECEIVED by you and choose option Snhype Info)

This will show up all the communication channels tried by the Snhyper  system (along with corresponding time-stamps) in order to deliver a snhype to you.