Snhyper - Messaging platform for speedy and time critical communication

How the snhype delivery process works

The mechanism for delivering a snhype is rather straight-forward and is handled by the Snhyper  system based on the following algorithm.

Before sending a snhype, the Snhyper  system first determines the communication channel (email, web, sms or voice) you are currently or were last active on (i.e. performed some activity).

An activity could be:-

In case of email, you used your email to last send a snhype to one of your contacts or marked a snhype as 'read' for that matter.
In case of sms, you marked the snhype as 'read'.
In case of voice, you picked up the call.
In case of web, you simply logged in or performed any action (mouse click, key press etc)

Any of these activities informs the Snhyper  system which communication channel you are currently (or were last) active on. Snhyper  then tries to deliver any new snhype intended for you to this communication channel, failing which, it tries the next channel in the same order (i.e. the channel you were active on before the last one and so on and so forth), until, of course all the channels are tried out at least once.

An interesting point is that while all this is happening, if you suddenly check in and perform an activity on a different channel, the Snhyper  system immediately notices this change and re-routes any pending snhypes dynamically to this new channel you just became active on ( which now also becomes your last active channel).