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Marking a snhype as 'read'

Marking a snhype as 'read' is a crucial topic in the whole snhype delivery process. Hence we strongly recommend reading and understanding this article in order to fully utilize the Snhyper  platform. 

Unlike most other web/mobile-app based messaging platforms (e.g. FB Messenger, Whatsapp etc) which automatically mark a message as 'read' ( or 'seen'), the moment a recipient scrolls to/looks at the message, Snhyper  uses a more deliberate approach.

snhype once delivered, has to be manually marked as 'read' by the recipient in order to stop it from being transferred to the next communication channel.

And SO, 

  • If you receive a snhype via web ( i.e. when you are logged into ), the snhype text should show up as bold.

Clicking the snhype will show up various options (see below).

Click "Mark as read" to mark the snhype as 'read'.

  • If you receive a snhype via email, please look for the text that reads "Click here to mark confirm receipt of the message." at the bottom of the email (see an example below). You need to click and open this link to mark the snhype as 'read'.
  • If you receive a snhype via SMS, please look for the web link at the bottom of the snhype. Please make sure you click the link until it opens in your mobile browser window (see an example below).  

When you open the link in your mobile browser, you should see a screen like this. This means the snhype has been marked as 'read'.  

Besides, you can also take various actions w.r.t. the snhype you just marked as 'read'. (e.g. reply, Snhype Info  etc.) right from within this mobile screen.

  • If you receive a snhype via voice call, simply picking up the call and listening to the speaker on the other side should mark the snhype as 'read'.

Once again, irrespective of the communication channel (email, web, sms, voice), you receive a snhype on, taking a corresponding action (as described above) to mark it as 'read',  is important!

If you fail to mark a snhype as 'read' using any of the methods specified above, the Snhyper  system assumes that the snhype has not yet been seen by you and keeps trying to reach you.

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