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Receiving a snhype

A snhype can be received through one (or all) of the following four communication channels, depending up on how soon and using which communication channel it is marked as 'read' by the recipient.

  • Via Email: Whenever a contact (whether 'email-only' or otherwise), sends an email to your email alias/address using their authorized email address OR by using our web app (i.e. to send a snhype, the snhype is automatically forwarded to your primary email address ( the one you signed up with).
  • Via Web Notification: The same snhype is also sent to your web account at as a web notification.
  • Via SMS: The same snhype is also sent as a text message, on the mobile number, you supplied (and verified) during sign up.
  • Via Voice Call: The same snhype is also delivered as a voice message on the mobile number, you supplied (and verified) during sign up.

The order in which a snhype is delivered to the above mentioned communication channels depends upon where you were last active. To know more about it, please read the article how the snhype delivery process works.

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Marking a snhype as 'read'

How the snhype delivery process works