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How to manage/configure Upwork Job alerts

Please note: Due to current, on-going restrictions on SMS delivery imposed by some countries e.g. USA and India, we have temporarily suspended SMS alerts. No credits will be deducted for failed deliveries. Please bear with us while we resolve this.

When you subscribe to our Upwork Jobs Alerts service by activating our Upwork Plugin, you start receiving email, sms and voice alerts whose volume may depend on the keywords and client countries you configured.

We understand that receiving too many alerts may sometimes put you off, especially when you are NOT actively looking for new jobs. So in order to manage these alerts, Snhyper offers you few settings that you can utilize to suit your needs.

You can choose to disable voice and sms alerts. This will stop sending you voice and sms alerts, respectively. Or, you can choose to block the Upwork plugin/contact from the context menu. This will disable all kinds of alerts from the plugin/service including email, web, sms and voice.

Or, you can simply click the 'Do Not Disturb' option from the Main menu ( or 'schedule' option from the context menu).
This will block sms and voice alerts from all your contacts (including Upwork Plugin/Service) for a specific time period, every day! This setting is especially handy when configuring your night/sleep hours.

To know more, check out the video:-

Apr 6, 2021

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